Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sketchpacker Feature: Daniel Lim

I just got to know a new friend on a sketchwalk with the Urban Sketchers Singapore, and he posted a Youtube video of some sketches he did on his Japan trip. I thought what he shared was really great and wanted to share it with everyone. His name is Daniel Lim, and he is a cartoonist.

Here's Daniel's description of his Japan sketching in his own words:
Who would think of sketching a holiday? Not the usual draw-what-I-see kind landscape sketching though. That is too common. But creating holiday cartoons? Translating travel observations into cartoons and humor in real-time.

I got myself a brand new A6 Sketchbook with a couple of faithful Pilot G-Tec-C4 Black Pen when my wife and I went for our Japan holiday trip in 2008. No need for correction pen or tape. Of course I did have a digital camera with me too. That helps when I need to add in details I could not remember later.

I take mental notes during the day trips and start sketching whenever I find appropriate, amusing or unique. Sometimes I start sketching when the coach stops (else I get car sick). But most of the time I'll wait till we get back to the hotel room at the end of the tour to begin my sketch while my wife takes her shower.

The cartoons you see in the slideshow movie are not edited. They are presented as-is: i.e. drawn just the way it was done then on the go. Direct from ink to paper. In a holiday there is not luxury time for drafting and editing and erasing and stuffs. It was not my intention to draw them after our holiday either.

Alright... hope you had fun viewing them and get to know Japan a little better if you haven't been there.


You can find more of Daniel's sketches at the following links:

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