Monday, December 3, 2012

SketchCycling Back in Time

If you're here in Singapore and would like to get away from the skyscrapers and crowds of the city to spend an afternoon in a quiet old corner to soak in some remnants of our colonial past, you might want to visit Colbar.

Colbar (short for "Colonial Bar") is located in Wessex Estate along Whitchurch Road - a colonial residential area - and was originally built in 1953 and served as a canteen and mess for British Soldiers. Today it is a quaint eatery complete with old wooden paneled walls painted blue, and some furniture you don't see much these days. Dining is pretty much al fresco, but there's much greenery about. If you're planning to sketch here, there are many white low-rise residential flats from Singapore's colonial past. My workplace is nearby and I've been meaning to cycle in to sketch the neighbourhood (it would take a bit too long to walk), and finally had the opportunity when I arranged for a sketchcycle outing with a friend who lives nearby.

Here are some photos!

What I packed. The Google Nexus 7 was for navigation.
I brought a raincoat cos weather has been wet lately and a brolly would be useless on bike.

My bag and my ride

Patrick and his kids. Pat is one of the Singapore Urban Sketchers.

Al fresco dining at Colbar

Colbar sells a lot of unusual ciders and beers you can't find elsewhere in Singapore

At $10 for sausages, eggs, chips and mushrooms, food is on the expensive side

Many expatriates frequent this area. There's an international school across the road

Old weighing machine. Still works! Just insert a 10c coin!

Some buildings in the neighbourhood along Woking Road

We didn't get to sketch the neighbourhood of Wessex Estate because of the rain (we were stuck for 5 hours at Colbar!). That means we need to go back!

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