Saturday, August 3, 2013

China Tour Guide: Cartoons by Wang Qicheng

I picked up this book from the library today as I went to return (and re-borrow) some travel books. I saw it sitting in the art section shelf and got curious. It's a book of cartoons on the whole of China by a Chinese cartoonist named Wang Qicheng.

Inside you will find cute little cartoons on different parts of China, things to see and experience, and short writeups. Methinks that some sketchpackers would be happy to learn from and even use this approach!

The drawings are very simple (though not ineffective) lineart. I'm guessing the style was adopted because of the sheer volume of illustrations (the book is a whopping 330 pages thick!). If you think you're not much of a sketcher, and are too afraid to try out urban sketching, why not record your experiences in simple cartoons? Urban Sketcher Chris Buchholz wrote, "A sketchbook is also the ultimate souvenir."

If you're looking for a comprehensive travel book with travel information, this book isn't for you. But it may be just the right book for your young one! Lots of cute pictures and not very text-heavy.

Wang Qicheng has other books on Beijing and Shanghai, too.

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