Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Travel Kit - well, most of it...

I meant to draw my sketching kit for my last trip, but never got about to doing it. So, in preparation for the next trip(s), I decided to sketch my travel kit in my trip preparation sketchbook! I am using a Daler Rowney Graduate A5 paperback sketchbook for my trip prep this time. It's very affordable, and it is great for multimedia. The paper takes wash pretty well - especially light washes - without buckling. It's also great for markers and dry media.

I tend to be quite a packer when it comes to traveling. I don't know why, but it's just me. This kit is already thinned down from my previous trips, and will easily fit into 2 of my cases. Anyway, that's enough of talking. Maybe you could share with me what your travel kit is like too!

Copyright © Favian Ee  Dec 2013

Copyright © Favian Ee  Dec 2013
P.S. I forgot to include my Tombow HB pencil and my white pencil. The felt brush-tip markers included are only representative of the entire set of 20+ colours. Several other tools are not included in the drawings, such as my inks, water containers and pencil cases. Maybe I'll do one more page and include some other stuff.

UPDATE 23/12/13:
Here's the third page of my tools, featuring my carrying cases!

Copyright © Favian Ee  Dec 2013

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