Saturday, February 1, 2014

Siem Reap Sketch Trip Sharing

When Edric, Parka, Art Foo and I returned from our Siem Reap sketch trip on 14 January 2014, we were invited by Mdm Tia to share our sketches and experiences that same weekend while our memories were still fresh. It took place on a Saturday morning at Temasek Polytechnic where Mdm Tia works. We showed our sketches and photographs, and answered questions from the floor. I made a short video with an old digital camera (because my G12 died during the trip), so the quality isn't very high. But then again, it's probably a good thing, because the G12 doesn't have autofocus and optical zoom in video mode.

Here is the short video I made of our sharing session, and the visit to the Glocal Connect Village next door where our Urban Sketchers Singapore exhibition was being held. There isn't any footage of my part of the presentation though, since I was the one shooting. But to give you a rough idea, I shared photos while the others shared from their sketches, since I was the main photographer.


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