Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Need These!!! (WARNING: Disgusting photo and video alert!!)

When i went to Siem Reap in January, one of the unfortunate things I had to deal with was a choked water closet. The staff took 2 full days before they did anything about it despite several reminders, and it only took one of them 10 minutes to do the job when they finally got about to it. This is what it looked like before the WC was cleared. Everytime I flushed, the mush of disintegrated toilet paper and poo would get stirred up again.

Those who live in first-world urban cities like Singapore (such as myself) can be quite spoiled. We don't realise that in many places, WCs do not have vacuum capabilities to suck in the waste. That's why there's a bin next to them to throw the toilet paper used to wipe your unmentionables (there was one such thing in my hotel in Xi'an, China, with a sign reminding us to throw the paper in the bin and not try to flush it down the bowl). I don't like that way of doing things as I think flushing the soiled paper down the toilet bowl would be a lot more hygienic, but if it's going to come right back up, that would be even less hygienic. But when in Rome....

Until now.

Today I saw a video in my Facebook news feeds that changes EVERYTHING. If only I had this when I went to Siem Reap!

So if anyone is going to Korea, please help me get some! Someone ought to import this, if it hasn't already been done. Or maybe... I should import it.... Hmm... I shudder to imagine what would happen if the plastic or the glue gives way, though...

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