Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Kind of Sketchpacker Are You?

Which type are you?

"No Frills": Only needs paper and a pencil/pen. What else do you need to sketch anyway?

"Seasoned sketcher": Hat, stool, sketchbook, colours (can be paints or dry media), brushes (if using paints). Usually brings only what he needs.

"Enthusiast": Brings everything he needs, thinks he needs, and doesn't need (just in case!). A lot like me, actually.

"Digital": Paint-worthy laptop, Wacom tablet/Cintiq, stool, table, extra batteries, hard drive, etc. Carries the most weight. Too bad the iPad and other tablets haven't caught up with paint program technologies. Actually there's one tablet PC that could very well be the best set-up for the digital plein air painter, and that is the Modbook. Serious artists who want to work digitally on the go might very well want to consider this modified tablet Mac. It runs Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro and the like, and has pressure sensitive stylus technology courtesy of Wacom. With a Macbook Pro and Cintiq rolled into one, what's not to like?
 (Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated to them and don't profit from any sales).

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